17 Years of Giant Marlin Experience

About Captain Bo Jenyns

Bo Jenyns was born into a fishing family in Brisbane, Australia. His legendary father, Captain Ron Jenyns, won nine consecutive Australian sailing Championships, represented Australia at three Olympic Games, and was one of the pioneers of the Great Barrier Reef black marlin fishery. He took Bo to the Reef for the first time when Bo was 16 and taught him everything he knew about marlin fishing. Bo continued to hone his skills over the next 17 seasons on the Reef including five times as part of Marlin University.

In addition to the Great Barrier Reef, Bo has traveled the world’s big game fishing grounds in such places as Ghana, Madeira, Kona, Bermuda, Mexico, Hatteras, and the Gulf Coast in search of giant marlin. Bo has been fortunate to fish with some of the best captains and crews in the world including Darren ‘Biggs” Haydon, Clay Hensley, Darren Isaacs, Dean Butler, Bill and Greg Edwards, Jason Holtz, Jarad “Dingo” Boshammer, Frank Kogolegbah, Dave Cassa, Jason “Tiny”  Walcott, Billy Fairburn, Ricky Jones, Dana Boardman, Russ Housby, Johnny Uhr, Momi Bean, Joe Crawford, Tim Richardson and Bill “BC” Crawford

During his career Bo has caught over 1,900 marlin, weighed numerous granders, released even more, been involved with 10 World Records, and was recognized as Top Mate of the Year by Marlin magazine in 2008.

Bo moved to South Florida in 2009 to be more centrally located and is available to help those who want to be sure they have the best chance of landing the fish of a lifetime.

Career Highlights / Achievements
2009 – Winning three of four major Gulf of Mexico billfish tournaments.
2008 – Top Mate of the year award – Marlin Magazine
2007 – Weighed Ghana’s second largest grander – 1058lb Blue Marlin
2006 – Third top release boat for the cairns heavy tackle season – 92 Black Marlin released
2006 - 941lb black marlin on 50lb test
2005 – Billfish Foundation’s Top release mate for black marlin
2005 – Top Release boat for the Cairns heavy tackle season – 94 Black Marlin released
2005 - World record, black marlin 565lb small-fry
2005- World record, black marlin 973lb junior
2005 - World record fly fishing, black marlin 183lbs on 12lb tippet
2005 - World record fly fishing, black marlin 75lbs on 8lb tippet
2005 – World record, blue marlin 490lb women’s 20 lb
2004 - World record fly fishing, striped marlin 154lbs on 12lb tippet
2004 - World record fly fishing, short-bill spearfish 59lbs on 20lb tippet
2004 - World record, Big Eye Tuna 370lb women’s 130
2003 – Weighed Ghana’s first grander – 1030lb Blue Marlin
2003 – World record, yellow Fin Tuna 314lb women’s 130
2003- World record, blue marlin 546lb junior
2002 - Personal best heavy tackle day - 7 black marlin released, 2 over 800 lb, 1 over 900 lb
2001- Weighed 1058lb black marlin
1998 – Personal best – wired 1207lb black marlin on GBR
1996 – Tagged and released 36 juvenile black marlin in one day - Australian record



“The best in the business say that Bo Jenyns is the best in the business.”
– Captain Dean Butler – Blue Water Magazine

“He made me the angler I am today”
– Candace Meyer – Triple World Record Holder

“Besides being meticulous with his tackle and being awesome on the leader, He’s one of the most entertaining guys there is when the fishing is slow. He keeps you laughing 24/7. He’s caught lots of big fish – he’s strong and has a low center of gravity so he never gets off balance. More importantly, he’s smooth and knows when you pull hard and when to let go.”
– Captain Clay Hensley - Marlin Magazine