17 Years of Giant Marlin Experience

Fishing Tournaments

When it comes to tournament time, there is not one else you would want on the leader than Bo Jenyns. With his 17 years of experience, he has the skills to put the tournament winning fish in the boat.

Tournament wins:
Tournament wins

2009 Poco Bueno Fishing Tournament, Port O’Conner, Texas
“ Seay Goddess”  Heaviest Fish – 428 lb Blue Marlin

2009 Texas International Fishing Tournament, South Padre Island, Texas
“ Seay Goddess”  Offshore Grand Champion

2009 Texas Legends Tournament, Port Aransas, Texas
“ Seay Goddess”  Top Release Boat – Four Blue Marlin

2010 Custom Shoot-Out, Harhour Island, Bahamas
“Brier Patch” 2nd Place”